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How It Works | Air Filter Subscription Service

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Choose Your Filters

We carry over 40 sizes of filters in 3 different MERV ratings to choose from that best suit your needs.

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Set Your Delivery Schedule

Choose how often you want your filters delivered. You can even select a future start date if you don’t need them right away.
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Receive Your Filters at Your Door

A box of brand new air filters delivered right to your door automatically reminding you to change them.

Breathe Fresh, Breathe Carefree!

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People Love Our Service

Based on 25 reviews
Rodrick Burke
Rodrick Burke
This is the best experience in regards to my home… these guys are not only experts they are wizards… they are in the expert level with filters. Professionalism is off the charts. Will do business with this company for life
Kyle Sherrick
Kyle Sherrick
I received my first filter at my doorstep and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the air filter, and how simple it was to order it. I always forget when I need to change my filter, and now it automatically comes to my door. Such a convenience and so glad that I signed up!
Subscribe, forget and get your air filters delivered straight to your door! It's great having these delivered and gives me a monthly reminder to quickly change my air filters. High quality products with great owners!
Sherry Hensley
Sherry Hensley
Great service, great product!!
Chelsey Dickinson
Chelsey Dickinson
As a business owner, keeping up with my air filters is one of the many things on the to-do list. I came across Homestock, and I am so thankful I did! They ship your filters right to your home or business. So convenient! I actually use for both home and business! Changing your air filters is key, and not something we always remember. Their auto shipment order lets you take the guess work out of it and it's out of sight out of mind and they arrive on your doorstep when it's time to replace!
Malinda Pisciotta
Malinda Pisciotta
Highly recommend HomeStock USA. For more than a year they have provided high quality air filters for our portfolio of single family rental properties enabling us to reduce/eliminate HVAC repairs caused by clogged air filters. It was very easy to locate the correct size and proper MERV rating for multiple units of different manufacturers on the HomeStock website. Direct, front door delivery to each of our individual tenants has been a convenient and friendly reminder for them to change their filters and maintain the HVAC system properly. General questions and interactions with customer service were prompt, efficient and friendly.
Ben Bankhead
Ben Bankhead
Everyone needs an air filter in their home and Homestock USA makes it easy and affordable! They take away the trip to the store and with the recurring nature of delivery, I know exactly when I need to change my filter
Andrea Murillo
Andrea Murillo
Homestock USA has Amazing customer service! High quality products, competitive pricing, and always delivers on-time. Easy to set up, change, and begin! It’s one less thing we have to think and worry about in our busy household and I am so grateful for the convenience.
Krea Lee
Krea Lee
Homestock USA- what a true breath of fresh air! We couldn’t be happier with the service we are receiving. Life gets so hectic and being a first time homeowner, I had no clue how overwhelming it all can be. Like do the chores ever end? With homestock USA, they simply help take one more thing off my never ending to-do list. Truly a game changer for our home/family.
Haley Stoler
Haley Stoler
Homestock USA is a lifesaver! We could never remember to change our filters and it was resulting in high electricity bills, our house being humid and muggy, and allergy problems. Now that we get homestock USA air filters delivered monthly, all of these problems are solved! Friendly service and the filters always arrive on schedule. We <3 Homestock USA!


The number of
Americans who never
change their air filter


Replacing a dirty filter
can save up to 15% of
energy consumption
which ultimately saves
you money


The number of Americans who do not change their air filters on a regular basis

Who is more susceptible to indoor air contaminants?

Those with

Symptoms and complaints associated with poor air quality
Factors that impact your air quality
Graphic showing some of things filters help with.

Fresh Air at an Excellent Price!

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Merv 8

The EPA rates a MERV 8 filter as one that can remove particles between 3.0-10.0 microns. What exactly comprises particles of that size, you ask?

See Below!

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Merv 11 Most Popular

The EPA rates a MERV 11 filter as one that can remove particles between 1.0-3.0 microns. What exactly comprises particles of that size, you ask?

See Below!

Merv 11 graphic of what they stop

Merv 13

The EPA rates a MERV 13 filter as one that can remove particles between 0.3-1.0 microns. What exactly comprises particles of that size, you ask?

See Below!

Merv 13 Graphic of what they stop

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Filters For Every Home

Select the MERV that is right for you

Standard 1” & 2” Filters

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Box Filters - 4" & 5" Filters

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Popular Air Filters By Size

You Are In Control

Once you sign up for your first filter delivery, you will begin receiving your filters per the schedule you selected. However, at any time, you can log into your account and make changes to your shipping frequency, payment method, address and more.

We want you to know that you are always in control and we are here to make sure you have the best experience. If you are ever unable to access your account or are unsure about making changes you can reach us below – anytime.

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