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Homestock USA is the result of our desire to provide a cleaner indoor home environment to every individual. As times today have shown us, anything can happen, even global pandemics! We are spending more and more time indoors than ever before, buying new pets, and coping with the uncertain world we live in.

But one thing we can and want to help with is your home environment, and it starts with the air you are breathing right now.

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Studies have shown that on average, people spend up to ninety percent of their time indoors.
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In America, the indoor air we are exposed to is seventy percent more polluted than the air outside.
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Twenty nine percent of Americans never change their air filter in their home.

Studies have shown that on average, people spend up to 90% of their time indoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air we are exposed to is 70% more polluted than the air outside and they’ve ranked poor indoor air quality among one of the top public health risks. So what can you as a homeowner do about it? Changing your HVAC air filter is a great place to start. Getting the right filter for your home is extremely important to help keep allergies at bay, stop virus carriers from spreading, and even help with every day dust and dander.

Our mission is simple, we want to help improve your indoor air quality and promote a healthier/cleaner home. There are many ways to achieve this – including changing your air filter. Would you believe that 29% of Americans have never changed their air filter? Or that 82% of Americans today do not change their air filters on a regular basis, and likely don’t have the correct rated filter for their needs? There are many benefits to changing your air filter at the frequency that your home and HVAC system need, including:

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We know some people live life on the edge. So, if those benefits weren’t enough to convince you that you need to be changing your filter on a consistent basis, keep reading to learn some of the truly awful (and entirely avoidable) repercussions and complications associated with not changing your filter often enough.

We always say, you are the expert on your home and that especially rings true when picking a MERV rating for your filter. There are instances where it is not advised to use a MERV 13 in your HVAC unit. For example, if your home was built several decades ago and your HVAC unit and system is original to your house, putting a MERV 13 filter can put too much stress on your unit. For this reason, we highly suggest that you consult can HVAC professional if you are unsure which MERV rating is best for you and your system. If you have questions for us about our MERV rated filers, you can contact us at support@homestockusa.com. If you have questions about your actual unit (i.e. not working or damaged) please contact your trusted HVAC Company or check out Local Home Services page for recommendations.” They will be able to inspect your unit and make appropriate suggestions that we are unable to make without seeing your home and unit in person.